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Way, Way Back, Many Centuries Ago...

Welcome to my research site for Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice 's internationally renowned rock opera "Joseph and the Amzing Technicolor Dreamcoat"!

I set out to research on Joseph, his brothers, his story, his family, and his Amazing Colored Coat. I found many, many excellent resources, both on the Biblical Joseph and the historic musical, so I compiled them, and now I present it to you.

The songlist and the script of the show seemed to be the most requested item, and so, here it is, in its most recent printing. None of this is official, and I am not in any way affiliated with Andrew Lloyd Weber, Tim Rice, the Really Useful production company et al, and I will have to take this, my fan site, down at their first request, or at least the script section.

MIDI files, on the other hand, are not copywritten as far as I know, and they are interesting files if you want to hear the tune of most of the musical numbers. Most of the MIDIs are available from the song links, but the full list can be found here. Go ahead, download one yourself and sing along with your favorite song

For anyone intersted, "Joseph...", is really an excellent story of a boy, a father's favoritism, his brothers' jealousy, and how sticking to your dreams can overcome any obstacle, no matter how impossible it may seem. Even for people who do not beleive in the Bible, this story rings true universally. I have seen that the show can be performed without any reference to religion. On the other hand, the basis of the story is rooted in the Old Testament book of Genesis, and can demonstrate how god works in mysterious ways and how faith will ultimately be rewarded.

Because of its dual universal and religious nature, the show has undergone many reincarnations, including several major recordings. Each has some different lyrics and, of course, unique character choices (for example, the narrator was recorded by a man until 1978).

The differences can also be seen in the varying images I came across
so I put together a picture page.

"Joseph..." has been performed in some capacity somewhere in the world pretty much since it was written, 1968. It has been so successful that Andrew Lloyd Webber and company decided to make a video (and DVD), the third full-length film made of one of his musicals. In the lead as Joseph is Donny Osmond, he played it for seven years all aross North America. The supporting cast includes Richard Attenborough as Jacob, and Joan Collins as Potiphar's Wife. You can find a copy of the video online, or in almost any video store.

Nearest I can tell, this site had becoem one of hte most complete and popular (for its subject matter) websites in the world. However, it is never really finished. i will contiue to update as long as there seems to be an interest. Thank you for visiting, and check back every now and then to see when I update the place. And remember: Any Dream Will Do.

Last updated: 12/26/03

in memory of the great laurie beechman

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